Explore our incredible range of half day, 1 and 2 day online Wellness retreats, designed for beginner, intermediate and advanced Questers. It’s the perfect way to connect you to your essence, explore your life purpose and balance your heart-mind for more joy, mindfulness and gratitude… all from the comfort of your home.

Our Wellness retreats are flexible and easy to attend, you just need a smart device with internet and a relaxing, quiet space to join our Quest Coaches. You even have 30 days to rewatch your favourite Quests to get the most out of your Wellness retreat experience. Just choose the date and Quester level of the Wellness retreat you prefer and we'll take care of the rest.

Wellness Retreat
Retreat designed for Beginner Questers
Saturday 04 January - Sunday 05 January 2025

Our quest is to discover the inner secrets of life, but the practice is about life itself.


Meet our Coaches

We know our retreat Coaches are brilliant and that’s why we love them! We also know how inspired you’ll be, learning from their incredible knowledge and insights. You can meet our Quest Coaches through our online retreats where you will experience their unique teaching styles, wondrous skills and innate wisdom.

Meet our Quest Coaches

Online Retreat Benefits

Like an in-person retreat, an online retreat provides a wonderful immersive experience with a range of coaches, learning about interesting personal growth topics to empower Questers with a new sense of personal knowledge and insight into the life they want to live.

The best part of an online retreat is that there is no need to travel anywhere. Questers also stay incognito in their retreat with no need for a webcam or microphone so if they aren’t great at yoga, tend to fidget through meditation or need a quick bathroom break, they can take a pause without worrying about what anyone else thinks. We even provide a list of nutritious whole-food recipes with an accompanying shopping list to help them feed their body like they were on a retreat but with the added bonus that they can tailor it to their specific requirements.

Online retreats are a lot more cost effective when compared to in-person retreats. Without travel, accommodation and chef-prepared food costs, we can provide the same immersive experience and quality learning at a fraction of the price. Then, if they love the coaches, it’s easy to enrol into a personalised course to become more proficient in specific wellbeing practices! It’s the best of both worlds… an immersive experience that is affordable and non-confrontational. This is what makes retreats so incredibly powerful, addictive and totally life-changing.

It doesn't matter if the glass is half empty or half full. Be grateful that you have a glass and there is something in it.

Robert Holden