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I am a passionate, professional Clinical Hypnotherapist, Transpersonal life coach, Tarot Teacher, Tarot Reader, founder of Soul Hypnotherapy & The Tarot Academy.

Using a heart centered approach to awakening the divinity in others, I offer Courses, Readings and Coaching sessions that will connect you to your unique 'Soul Led Service' and bring clarity by allowing you to discover your own inner compass on the road to your beautiful and aligned life.

It is my privilege to be able to work with many diverse and wonderful folks who are all on different parts of their journey inward to find themselves, and bring their talents and gifts out into the world, or simply live their best life.

We are are own guru, we have the blueprint to our purpose within! With guidance and love we can find the answers that we seek within our own unique soul, it whispers to us every day. 

If you are feeling the call, i look forward to connecting with you. It is your birth-right to shine!

Many Blessings, Min



Bachelor of Oral Health: University of Newcastle

Graduate Diploma of Dental Therapy: University of Newcastle

Post Graduate Diploma, Advanced Clinical Practice.University of Melbourne

Clinical Self Mastery Hypnotherapy @Self Mastery with Luke Pierce

Certified Hypnofit® Helen Mitas

Time Line™  Practitioner

NLP Practitioner

NLP Coach

Past Life Regression Specialist

Certified SoulTarot Practitioner: Lindsay Mack USA

Member American Board Neurolinguistic ProgrammingThe ABNLP | LinkedIn ABNLP

Member International Institute for Complimentary TherapistsIICT Member logo - Reset Muscle Maintenance IICT

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