Are you looking to reward your invaluable team? Does your staff need time to renew and reset? Are you struggling to manage stress in the office? Do you need an incentive to boost productivity or morale? At OneQuest, we understand the value of offering wellness programs to employees, managers and supervisors and their families for small and large companies alike.

In 2017, SafeWork NSW reported that Business spending in mental health produced a return on investment of $2.86 for SMEs and $4 for larger companies and 13.2% of male employees and 16.1% of female employees experienced a significant level of mental ill-health in any four-week period. According to EAPAA research, a dedicated EAP service for your employees can have anywhere from a 5:1 to a 15:1 return on investment. And, a 2019 Gallup Study showed that 675 of employees face burnout because of their job resulting in severe health issues. More than ever before, Businesses have a duty to protect workers from psychological risks which include work-related stresses and preventing mental health conditions from worsening.

Through OneQuest online corporate wellness programs, we provide access to retreats and courses and can design an education, mindset and mindful movement program to suit your specific requirements. Our wellness programs are completely flexible so your staff can login and complete the programs at their convenience from home, in the office as part of a dedicated half or full day wellness retreat or as a quick escape session. Over time, these new skills can be integrated into daily self-care routines to optimise mental health, personal performance and team coherency.

Our retreats programs are created for your employees emotional, physical, mental and professional needs so it is relevant to the organisation's specific wellness objectives. We can add mindfulness practices, calming meditation, breath control, grounding yoga sessions, sound healing, sleep health, nutrition optimisation, strength and conditioning, philosophy fundamentals, gratitude journaling and much more to provide a comprehensive range of tools to reduce anxiety, feel more connected, calm the monkey-mind and take control of your life.

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Support your Team

By providing wellness and self-care programs for employees, managers and supervisors, there are many direct benefits to your business or company.

  • Better work culture - healthier, calmer and more focused employees with more genuine and connected interpersonal relationships and camaraderie. This leads to enhanced loyalty and a healthier work-life balance.
  • Reduce absenteeism - mental ill-health can add to sick leave days so more resilient employees will require less respite from work.
  • Reduced presenteeism - Safework NSW reported that employees not performing at their best, costs businesses $3,401/year for moderate mental ill-health and $5,305/year for severe mental ill-health.
  • Reduce unintended mistakes - mindfulness, movement and breathwork practices provide better concentration, awareness and consistency as well as increase problem solving from better clarity.
  • Prevent burnout - mindful movement practices help reconnect and nourish the mind and body and reduce overstress, fatigue and the need for timeout.
  • Reduce anxiety - deal more calmly with stressful thoughts, to release tension and better focus on what’s happening in the moment.
  • Higher staff retention - minimise the cost of re-hiring by creating a positive work environment where employees have the skills to handle stress in a calmer and healthier way.
  • Reduced workers' compensation claims - 6% of all workers’ compensation claims are for work-related mental health conditions or which 91% of these were attributed to mental stress.
  • Reduce cyber security accidents - employees who are able to focus on work more effectively, think more clearly and be present are less likely to breach company policy by visiting websites or click on links that increase cyber security issues.

Wellbeing is the state in which your physical, mental and spiritual health are in balance, unlocking your natural healing abilities. By prioritising this important facet of employee care, the benefits to your business and overall corporate culture will be immeasurable.

Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.

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