A retreat is a way to step back from life and take time to restore, rediscover and reconnect with your true self. The goal of a retreat is to reduce stress, be immersed in heart-centred learning and deepen your powers of insight and self-reflection. This gifts you the opportunity for real behaviour change, in your daily habits, mindset and gratitude for the path you are on and the life you are living.

Traditionally retreats have been in-person in a tranquil location where you stay like a holiday, for an extended period of time and are nourished with healing self-care, nutritious meals, insightful teachings and engaging coaches. What makes them so seductive is the connection to ancient wisdom, the indulgent relaxation, uplifting energy and restorative nurturing that helps deeply revitalise your mind, body and soul.

Retreats allow an individual to remove themselves from the repetitive routine of life, to focus on themselves and replenish their energy. The trouble is when people leave the retreat they don’t always continue the practices they have learnt. They slip back into the routine of life and do not convert what they have learnt into new behaviours or habits.

Our online retreats provide 30 day access, with the convenience of completing the sessions from any location. They remove the cost of travel, accommodation and time in transit. They are more accessible, providing a range of learnings to harness new skills and deepen mindfulness.

Like an in-person retreat, our online retreats give you that wonderful immersive experience with a range of coaches, learning about personal growth mindset and empowering you with a new sense of purpose and discernment so you have greater clarity into the life you want to live. This is what makes online retreats so incredibly powerful, addictive and completely life-changing.

what is a retreat

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Infinite Potentiality

We love in-person retreats and we encourage Questers to participate in them whenever possible, however with the recent travel challenges we understand that it’s not always affordable or possible.

Especially for first timers, an online retreat is a great way to test the waters, see what a retreat is like from the comfort of your own home and then decide if an in-person retreat is the next step. For seasoned ‘retreaters’, being able to complete immersive learning on a more regular basis is the best way to solidify your knowledge, refine your personal practice and learn some great new tips and tricks.

The best part of an online retreat is that you don’t have to travel anywhere… It is a virtual vacation. You can stay incognito in your retreat with no need for a webcam or microphone so if you aren’t great at yoga, tend to fidget through meditation or need a quick bathroom break, you can take a pause without worrying about what anyone else thinks. Then you can start back up again at your leisure.

We even provide you with a list of nutritious whole-food recipes with an accompanying shopping list to help you feed your body like you were on a retreat but with the added bonus that you can tailor it to your specific requirements.

Online retreats are more cost effective when compared to in-person retreats. Without travel, accommodation and chef-prepared food costs, you can get the same enthralling experience and quality learning at a fraction of the price. Then, if you really love the coaches, you can even choose to enrol into one of their personalised courses so you can become more proficient in your favourite wellbeing practices! It’s the best of both worlds… a riveting experience that is affordable and non-confrontational. In fact, the infinite potentiality of your learning is boundless.

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