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Are you a mind, body, spirit coach wanting more sales from your online programs?
Is your current marketing generating the results you need? Are you getting enough global reach with your courses?

Would you like to build online programs on a platform that did all the marketing for you, with no signup or subscription fees? What if you could have a global impact with unlimited reach on a site that is 100% optimised to deliver wellness programs?

OneQuest coaches are building courses and selling programs all over the world, touching the hearts, minds and souls of wellness enthusiasts. They can create unlimited content while maintaining 100% rights to your IP, customised for students at all levels with a comprehensive online profile featured with their bio, qualifications and links to their socials and website for greater exposure.

Join our community of Mind, Body, and Spirit Coaches. Apply today to become a Partner and harness your untapped potential.

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Why sell your program with us?

We make it easy to sell unlimited online programs and courses on a niche wellness platform optimised for Yoga, Meditation, Health, Nutrition, Fitness, Spiritual, Mindfulness and Breathwork training.

  • Your programs are advertised and promoted through OneQuest, social, Google and other marketing channels for FREE.
  • A comprehensive coach profile with its own dedicated web page that features your biography, areas of expertise, profile photo, introduction video, social handles and links to your website for direct sales.
  • A OneQuest partner badge to display on your website and link back to your courses.
  • Additional exposure through blog articles, podcast interviews and book collaboration, marketed directly to students.
  • For the ultimate exposure, the opportunity for your teachings to be featured in our online Retreats.

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OneQuest offers branding and sales opportunities that you won’t find anywhere else:

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What is your investment?

We recommend that coaches produce comprehensive courses, profiles and video content to maximise their exposure, branding and sales on OneQuest.

  • Create courses to sell on the OneQuest website which include:
    - Course image, introduction video and course description.
    - A range of videos and any additional information for session modules in the course.
    - Lesson notes for students to download (where applicable).
    - Spotify or Apple Music playlists as background music for module videos.
  • Feature a professional profile including your biography, association memberships and qualifications, an introduction video, a profile photo, social handle links and website address (if applicable).
  • A Vimeo account to upload and stream your content from, which you manage. This ensures the protection of your Intellectual Property and allows you to use your videos across multiple applications.
  • Provide short daily hack videos to help us promote your teachings on OneQuest, social media and email newsletters.
  • If selected, a video submission to be featured in our online Retreats to showcase your incredible teachings.
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Program creation support

As a premier online course provider, it is important that the quality of coach videos are of a high standard so students have a wonderful experience and are encouraged to enrol into more of your courses.

To assist, we support content creation with the following services:

  • Tips for producing your course videos including recommendations for scripting, audio, lighting, video, editing and filming locations.
  • Simple checklists for preparing your videos for Vimeo and uploading them to your account.
  • Step by step instructions for uploading your course content and creating a coach profile.
  • Video production and editing (if required).

If you require assistance with your course design or creation, contact our support team on +61 2 4068 9901.

Remuneration Model

You create the program or course, you set the price and we sell it for you!

OneQuest will promote, advertise, and sell your courses for a booking service fee. We pay our coaches monthly for the courses that have been purchased in the month prior.

How to get started

Join our community of transformative coaches, support our students with the most up to date, wellness teachings available and provide a resource for personal growth and empowerment.

Complete the Partnerships form below and once approved, a link to the coach portal will be supplied so you can create your profile, courses and modules and start advertising fast. It's that easy!

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Apply to become a partner

If you would like to express your interest in partnering with OneQuest, please complete the form below so we can review examples of your work, current expertise and the quality of courses you can provide. This will allow us to better understand your wellness journey and your suitability for our premium program.

Please provide any examples of your existing videos from your website, Youtube or Social handles so we can see who you are.

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