If you are looking for the ultimate, completely unique gift for your loved one, family, friends or colleagues, an online Wellness, Yoga, Meditation, Health or Spiritual retreat is the perfect self-care solution!

It could be the kickstart to real personal growth with effective strategies to assist in reducing stress, making a positive shift in outlook and calming the mind with a beautiful mix of breathing techniques, mindful movement, meditation, nutrition and inner connection. In fact, this is not just any gift, but a bestowal of health and wellbeing, inspiring new wellness practices, inner transformation and a shift in mindset, all from the comfort of their home.

How does Gifting a Retreat Work?

Our online retreats are immersive but super flexible and easy to attend. It only requires a smart device like a phone, computer or TV, internet access and a relaxing, quiet space at home, on holiday or out in nature to connect with our Quest Coaches. And even though retreats are run over certain dates, Questers have 30 days to watch and rewatch their favourite videos to get the most out of their retreat experience and really absorb the teachings.

Each of our online retreats has the choice of beginner, intermediate, advanced or all levels, but don’t worry about picking exactly the right level for your giftee as all sessions include modifications so even if the content is challenging, they will still learn a lot in these sessions. The best part is that you get to choose the date and type of retreat and then once purchased, we provide access so they can login and get started on their new personal adventure straight away.

How to Gift a Retreat

To gift a retreat, simply visit the retreat description and click the ‘Gift a Retreat’ button to add it to your cart. On checkout select ‘This is a gift’ to add your recipient's details and a personalised message. Once payment is processed we email you the receipt and your recipient with access details so they can create a password to login and get started. It's that easy!

Choose a Retreat to Gift

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Retreat Calendar

Explore our incredible range of guided online retreats, designed for Questers at all levels, to calm the mind with breathing techniques, mindful movements, meditation, nutrition and inner connection.

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Saturday 6 April - Sunday 7 April 2024

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Our online retreats are flexible and easy to attend, you just need a smart device, internet and a relaxing, quiet space to join our Quest Coaches. You even have 30 days to rewatch your favourite Quests to get the most out of the online retreat experience. It’s the perfect way to bring loving kindness to your life, be immersed in restorative practices and sample new therapies to rejuvenate your wellbeing… all from the comfort of your home. Just choose the date, type and Quester level of the retreat that suits your practice and we’ll take care of the rest.

Note: All dates and times displayed are for your region and time zone.

Online Retreat Benefits

Like an in-person retreat, an online retreat provides a wonderful immersive experience with a range of coaches, learning about interesting personal growth topics to empower Questers with a new sense of personal knowledge and insight into the life they want to live.

The best part of an online retreat is that there is no need to travel anywhere. Questers also stay incognito in their retreat with no need for a webcam or microphone so if they aren’t great at yoga, tend to fidget through meditation or need a quick bathroom break, they can take a pause without worrying about what anyone else thinks. We even provide a list of nutritious whole-food recipes with an accompanying shopping list to help them feed their body like they were on a retreat but with the added bonus that they can tailor it to their specific requirements.

Online retreats are a lot more cost effective when compared to in-person retreats. Without travel, accommodation and chef-prepared food costs, we can provide the same immersive experience and quality learning at a fraction of the price. Then, if they love the coaches, it’s easy to enrol into a personalised course to become more proficient in specific wellbeing practices! It’s the best of both worlds… an immersive experience that is affordable and non-confrontational. This is what makes retreats so incredibly powerful, addictive and totally life-changing.

Be kind. Unless you can be fantastic. Then be fantastically kind.