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At the heart of LYBL - Live Your Best Life lies the vision of Michele Jones, a force of nature, an entrepreneur, a thought leader, and a dedicated philanthropist. Her unyielding passion is to usher in waves of positive change for both organisations and individuals, guiding them towards the untapped well of of their human potential. 

With over two decades of unwavering commitment to nurturing corporate cultures that foster thriving human beings, Michele unearthed a disquieting revelation: the essence of humanity is slipping through the grasp of modern businesses. 

In response to this alarming reality, Michele has been working tirelessly to assemble a close-knit team of kindred spirits, each a visionary in their own right. 

Together, they share a profound mission: to breathe life back into individuals and organisations to infuse every facet of their existence with a renewed sense of humanity. 

The seasoned specialists being assembled within the collective LYBL family all hail from diverse background and come endowed with a rish tapestry of skills, all united under the banner of Live Your Best Life (LYBL), marking a distintinctive presence among the nations corporate coaching, training and development providers. 

The mission for Michele and the LYBL collective, is to nurture the essence of humanity within people and organisations.

We are a bespoke catalyst for transformation, igniting a profound shift in individuals, purpose, and profit – empowering humans to achieve and lead.

Shifting the focus away from cold, heartless numbers and statistics in the relentless pursuit of results.

And finding ways to pivot toward what truly matters—human beings.

Every person has unique needs, desires, and aspirations, and when we prioritise their well-being, everything else naturally falls into place.

Our mission is to empower executives to become exceptional leaders, unite teams in common purpose, and enable individuals to unlock their full potential.

This is achieved through a blend of educational resources, products, tools, and cutting-edge methodologies, all infused with the passion and expertise of the exceptional LYBL team

The approach is designed to educate, challenge, motivate, inspire, and ultimately bring about profound transformation.

Guiding clients on a journey that unlocks a wealth of benefits tied to the empowerment of human beings.

These benefits include fostering courageous leadership, enhancing employee engagement, reducing staff turnover, improving financial acumen, cultivating a more positive culture, and, in turn, boosting efficiency, productivity, and of course, profitability!

The LYBL vision extends far beyond the immediate horizon.

Michele and the LYBL team are crafting a path towards a grander purpose, envisioning the vast global ripple effect of transformative social and corporate change that they trust their actions can and will inspire.

In Summary:

Michele Jones supports & assist corporations, businesses and individuals to achieve results they may have previously only dreamt about.

By enhancing and maximising their effectiveness, improving their overall productivity and lifestyle. She coaches executives, their teams and individuals to achieve outstanding results.


- Peak Performance Coaching & Development
- Executive Leadership Coaching & Development
- Team Leadership Coaching & Development
- Personal Success Development & Training
- Business Coaching, Consulting & Strategy
- Client Relationship Management
- Project Development & Management
- Customer Service Management
- Finance & Wealth Strategist
- Small to Large Business Mentoring
- Empowerment Workshops / Seminars
- 1:1 to 1 to many Coaching
- Tapping / EFT Techniques
- NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming
- Public Speaking & Key Note Presenter
- Business / Executive / Life / Wealth / Wellness - Coaching Focus
- Personal Development Retreat Style Programs
- Commitment to High End & Quality Driven Service to all Clients
- Reputation based business - developed 100% on referral format

LYBL - Live Your Best Life is a world class international coach, training and mentoring organisation with a mission to touch the loves of 1 million people worldwide through its Life Skills, Motivation, Coaching, Self Help and holistic approach to Mind, Body & Spirit.

The 'LYBL Movement' took off like a ripple of positivity all over the world after the book 'Live Your Best Life by Michele Jones' was first published in 2015 and became a Bestseller on Amazon. This book has now been developed into an online e-course called The Best Life Blueprint Program. This flagship program is a journey of 10 Blueprints that will help you to Design, Create and Live Your Best Life in 10 weeks.

LYBL also offers 1-2-1 Life and Business Empowerment online coaching, tools and resources like their yearly planner. They align with high quality medicinal grade Health food products, and sell LYBL merchandise and books through their online shop, all to the benefit of the LYBL tribe and followers that want to live a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Michele Jones, its founder, has over 30 years experience in the Personal Development Industry. She has an incredible life story of a small town girl that has overcome some of the greatest life challenges and gone on to do wonderful things for her community and the world. She is a much loved and generous soul who values Love, Growth and Contribution.

Michele personally works with only a handful of clients each year, through VIP Executive Coaching with Managing Director's world wide. This work also extends into cultivating elite organisations through culture engagement and business excellence through touchpoints with the teams that those she works with leads. Her work includes 'Bringing Life to Leadership' through her 'Entrepreneurs Fuel' style programs which help the Companies she works with thrive with Personal and Professional Mastery, improving retention and team culture to level up from good to great. Her reputation in this field of work is unmatched and she continues to be a much loved mentor to many.

Her mission is empowering and inspiring life so that people everywhere have the opportunity to live their best lives. 

She personally loves the ripple effect of working with Leaders and Organisations from the top down so that business teams, their families and communities all benefit for generations to come.


International Professional Master Coach, with over 39,000+ hours experience and 35+ years in the Personal Development & Leadership Coaching Industry

Amazon Best Selling Author

Founder of both the ‘LYBL – Live Your Best Life’ global movement & ‘LYBL Best Life Blueprint Program’


Diploma of Life/ Executive/ Business/ Professional Coaching - The Coaching Institute 

Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Tri-Metrix EQ Accreditation with TTI Sucess Insights

Eriksonian Hypnosis

Practitioner of Deep State Repatterning

Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Australian Institute of Management - Cert IV in Workplace Training & Assessment

Bachelor of Nursing, University of Newcastle, NSW

Toronto High School Certificate 1985-89, New South Wales, Australia

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