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Tiffany Teaches The First 5 Branches of Chinese Medicine.

I am an empath & an intuitive channel but I wasn't always aware of this ability. I had a difficult childhood, and because of my extreme sensitivity (empathetic ways), this caused a lot of grief, and anxiety as a young adult.  This leads me on a healing journey at a very young age. I tried many healing modalities, and teachers, on my journey.  I found some absolutely fantastic teachers, along the way.

My teacher Leong Tan is from the Chinese community in Malaysia. He has spent much of his life studying spirituality, martial arts, Qi energy flow within the body (as practiced in Asia) and has been working with and channeling the Teacher, Wong Loh Sin See for more than 35 years. Leong has taught me about Taoism and the healing energy of the Dan tain rooted in the 8 branches of Chinese Medicine.

About The Spirit That Leong Channels - We call the Teacher Wong Loh Sin See. “Sin See” means teacher, master or more literally first sage, he is pure spirit. The teacher has never been in human experience. He has no gender or nationality. However, he did begin teaching in the Chinese Community in Malaysia and teaches a philosophy that combines Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism. He does say how it is beneficial at this point in time for this ancient philosophy to be reintroduced. I have been an initiated student of Wong Loh Sin See for over 20 years.

My Teachers have taught me "The Tao Way" which entails learning chi energies, and how the 5 branches of Chinese medicine affect us, I have worked closely with my teachers for the past 20 years.  I have grown and cultivated my intuitive gifts. I have been helping and empowering people to understand their own energies to live a more balanced,  joyful, and spiritual life.  Through these outstanding teachers, I have found that there is a spiritual essence in all things, and if you sit quietly and you are present you can literally feel them. This is the life force chi energy that resides in all living things. Through the first 5 branches of Chinese Medicine, you have the ability to transform your life completely. With these branches of Chinese Medicine, I have learned that my sensitivity is actually a strength, and I now embrace my empathic ways.

If you want to learn how to cultivate your energy,  honor your body, enhance your intuitive abilities, have the ability to resolve problems, and create healthy relationships, then come and work with me, and explore the first five branches of Chinese Medicine.

I am a certified Meditation & Qigong Teacher, Astrologer & Feng Shui Professional. I created My Zen Living to help people change their lives, by changing their energy from within, along with changing their energy outwardly.

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My studies have always been a little unorthodox. I have worked with teachers or gurus as apprentices up close and personal for years to perfect my craft.

Studied in Thailand & The US from Master Teacher Leong Tan & Spiritual Channel Wong Loh Sin Sin See for over 20 years - In-depth knowledge on Sum Faht Meditation, Guided Movements, Tai Chi & Qigong.

Studied Vedic Astrology under Master Astrology Teacher Christina Collins Hill.

Reiki Master  - Communitas Certification Program.

Energy Medicine - Donna Eden’s Certification Program.

Certified Feng Shui Consultant - QC Design School.

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