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Jaxon has been on a path to discovering his spiritual self for most of his life. It began when he was a teenager, he knew he was connected to a higher spiritual self but did not completely understand what he was experiencing. 

Jaxon was seeing practitioners in spiritual healing, and readings, he dived into astrology, learned everything he could in the tarot reading practice, and really enjoyed where he was at but never made more of it until he had my darkest hour. 

Jaxon had an accident diving into a pool and broke his neck! He was paralysed from the neck down from the swelling and needed to lay flat on a bed for 3 months in recovery. During this time, he reverted back to his spiritual practices and found that it gave him the strength and insight into just how powerful he could be to heal himself in a time of great discomfort and helplessness.

Fortunately, he walked out of the hospital many moons after the accident and became a complete spiritual junkie. Where he had dabbled previously, he started soaking up spiritual principles, meditation practices, and anything else that helped him align with his true purpose.

Since then, Jaxon has been working with clients to help them find the answers to their deepest questions. He has helped people recover from trauma, and addiction, heal their hearts and so much more. There are many ways that Jaxon can help you, no matter where you are on your spiritual path so he hopes to see you in one of the online courses and retreats.


Jaxon's experience and qualifications include:

  • Meditation Teacher (Level 2)
  • Professional Certificate in Energetic Health
  • Reiki Master & Accredited Reiki Treatment Practitioner
  • Certificate IV in Kinesiology
  • Meditation Australia Association Senior Member
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