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Kia has worked with TV personalities, elite athletes, world class sporting teams and artists to help them achieve their goals. As a Vedic Meditation teacher she is highly sought after as coach or mentor for those looking towards spiritual growth through meditation practice.

Kia believes that the ancient practice of Vedic Meditation is now more necessary than ever before. The high stimulation, travel and technology in today's world have made it difficult for people to "defrag" their minds- both physically and emotionally without a period or deep thinking about what they need at this moment which can lead them down an unhealthy path very quickly if left unchecked.

When you are stuck on a bus or train, it can be difficult to find the time for meditation. However if we know how regulate our minds through deep breathing exercises then there is no problem! Kia has taught thousands of people just like yourself throughout his career as an experienced teacher and sees great results with those who practice daily: Clarity in mind; Inspiration flowing through every pore (and not only when they're sleeping); And calm peace that will last well into next year's holiday season!

Kia welcomes you to join one of his courses and hopes to meet you in one of the Meditation Retreats.


Kia's experience and qualifications include:

  • Meditation Facilitator Professional Certificate (Level 2)
  • Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Wellness Coach
  • Mindfulness Teacher (Level 2)
  • Medication Australia Association Registered Teacher
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