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Breathwork is a powerful technique for healing and changing the mind. Millie unlocked her heart through breathwork, which helped transform not only how she felt but also what was happening in her life. It also helped her dismantle old belief systems and find an inner peace and calmness that she never knew existed.

Millie's passion for breath first manifested when she discovered its ability to empower and strengthen. The more Millie learned about how it impacts our mind, body & soul, the deeper her curiosity became - leading her on an exploration of all things related with this natural phenomenon!

Millie has been working with breath for over a decade now and she's seen it evolve from just an ice bath to something so much more. Breath is power, as we know when our body needs energy or strength; however beyond that level of understanding lies its true potential.

She coaches individuals one-on-one, hosts groups sessions for people looking to make changes in their lives and runs her own breathwork studio in Melbourne. Her clients are always excited when they come out of these sessions because they are able to connect more deeply to themselves and learn how to use breathing techniques to enable self discovery; something we can all use more often!

Millie would love to guide you on your own journey using the breath through her online courses and in the retreat sessions so you can live your fullest and richest life too.


Millie's experience and qualifications include:

  • 10 years of personal practice
  • 6 years as a professional Practitioner
  • Certified Breathwork Instructor
  • Meditation Instructor (Level 2)
  • Meditation Australia Associate Member
millie sage breathwork trainer

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