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Stephen has lived an active life since childhood, competing at national and international levels in swimming, waterpolo and surf lifesaving. He still trains to compete and has a healthy routine of daily exercise, that includes yoga, meditation, stretching and strength work.

His professional career includes working as a lifeguard, owning and operating a private safety training college, and now owning and operating a finance brokerage. Working in these industries has instilled an innate passion for helping others. 

Stephen has been goal setting for many years and enjoys the benefits of identifying what he wants to achieve and going after it. What gets him up in the morning is the drive to perform at his best every day. He loves being active as it provides a sense of wellbeing, it gets him going for the day, creates endorphins and helps him maintain focus on other areas of life.

At a young age, Stephen was introduced to the magical healing power of massage. He went on to study remedial massage, discovered a passion for aromatherapy, enjoys the energy qualities of crystals and is a qualified personal trainer

Stephen believes that learning is a lifelong journey and a path to continual growth. He continues to learn through self-development, completing online programs, reading, and consuming as much material as he can in business, self-help, relationships, and more. 


Stephen's experience and qualifications include:

  • 30+years of experience in sports training
  • National and International competition
  • Remedial Massage Cert IV
  • Personal Trainer Diploma
  • Mat Pilates Instructor Cert IV
stephen ford fitness trainer

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