Yoga straps are the multi-purpose tool of the yogi from Beginners to Advanced students. Straps can be used to support your stretching, increase the amount of stretch you want or to stop you from sinking too far into a stretch. They are also fantastic for binds for when you can’t quite reach your limb, for leg extensions, balancing or providing traction for different poses

The strap should be long enough for you to extend in poses where the final asana is just out of reach. For restorative practices, a longer length provides more options and enables flexibility with movement while maintaining a hold. On the other hand, shorter versions are perfect for more basic positions where stability isn't really an issue.

Having a lightweight yet strong yoga strap is vital to eliminate slipping and securely hold your posture, especially in more challenging positions. There are also different strap belt widths with thicker options giving more support and comfort to your hands and feet and using a strap with metal buckles is also ideal as they are often more secure than looped ones.

We prefer eco-friendly 100% cotton straps that are unbleached with non-AZO dyes and are heavy metal-free and suggest washing your yoga strap regularly to sanitise from sweat absorption.

With so many props, brands and designs on the market it is hard to know which ones will best suit your Yoga and Meditation practise, especially without being able to trial them first. Considering how lightweight a product is, how much support you require, if they are eco-friendly, what you want your practise to feel like and what beautiful colour scheme will make you smile and feel good while taking care of yourself are all important aspects of your purchase. Asking friends and coaches is also a great way to get feedback about the pros and cons of different brands and designs.

But the most important thing to remember is that no matter what props you use, that they are simply a tool to help you drop in, let go, ground yourself and support your incredible body, mind and soul. After all, you totally deserve it.

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