Yoga blocks, wedges and chocks are highly durable and versatile devices that can provide you with extra length, height and stability and even make some balances like tree pose, when standing on them more advanced. Blocks can be used individually or in combination with bolsters and blankets to help support restorative back bends, balancing postures and stretches and achieve more advanced poses allowing you to reach further, drop into deeper postures and fully support your practice. They can even be used as a replacement for a meditation bolster especially when doing shorter sessions, as it raises your hips above your knees for better posture.

Blocks come in a range of sizes from mini through to large which is especially handy for people who either don’t have much space or the need large ones, or have bigger hands and feet. They also come in a range of thicknesses from lean through to tall depending on how much extra height you need or less stretch you want.

When deciding on the right blocks for your practise, lightweight and recycled options are always ideal and the best designs are highly stable and strong, easy-to-grip and slip-resident with radiused edges so they feel comfortable and aren’t too sharp when using them for back support or stretching. Traditional cork blocks are an old favourite as they are naturally antimicrobial, water-resistant and long lasting but are often quite heavy. In comparison the newest recycled foam blocks come in a range of divine colours are unbeatable in comfort and can be as little as half the weight of their cork predecessors.

With so many props, brands and designs on the market it is hard to know which ones will best suit your Yoga and Meditation practise, especially without being able to trial them first. Considering how lightweight a product is, how much support you require, if they are eco-friendly, what you want your practise to feel like and what beautiful colour scheme will make you smile and feel good while taking care of yourself are all important aspects of your purchase. Asking friends and coaches is also a great way to get feedback about the pros and cons of different brands and designs.

But the most important thing to remember is that no matter what props you use, that they are simply a tool to help you drop in, let go, ground yourself and support your incredible body, mind and soul. After all, you totally deserve it.

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